What does it mean to celebrate being Black?


BLK SZN is a celebration of all things BLACK! As we are immersed in the holiday season, I wanted to make sure that we took the time to celebrate our blackness (or the black people we know and love)! There are so many things that come at us from all different directions that try to keep us down, make us ashamed of the skin we are living in, or tell us we are not worthy of all things beautiful. 


My hope with this drop is that it would inspire you to find ways to celebrate who we are (or others), where we came from, and where we are going. I will always take the opportunity to celebrate being Black because frankly we all could use a little more of that in our life and I consider it a gift.


I worked really hard on these and wanted to bring something that you would feel proud to wear. My friend and super talented designer Darin Carter helped me bring these designs to life and I can't wait to see you rocking them! As always, my goal is to employ and celebrate incredible black designers and Darin is next level! These sweatshirts were also printed by a company called Residency. They employ women transitioning from homelessness on the streets of Los Angeles. 


With each drop, I try to find ways to give back. A portion of the sales will be donated to South LA Cafe. They are a black owned coffee shop located in South Central LA that has been providing FREE grocery bags to members of the community. South LA is a food desert and so it can be difficult to find healthy food options. They are committed to creating ways for people to get fresh and healthy food. Since the start of quarantine, every Wednesday, they pass out hundreds of bags filled with food to neighbors. I knew that I wanted to use this sweatshirt as a way to help support and sponsor such an important cause. 


As we move into 2021 and leaving a year that tried to keep Black people down in more ways than we can count, let's commit to lifting each other up, lifting your voice, and developing yourself into the person that you were created to be. BLK SZN is everyday of your life! Never forget that. 


Grab your crewneck sweatshirt here!

Written by Rosita Myers